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10 reasons why you should use Krikorian & Associates
1.In business since 1989
2.3 Locations in Southern California
3.Competitive Rates
4.High Success Rate in obtaining videotaped evidence
5.24 hour dispatch. Rush requests handled
6.Bilingual and female operatives
7.Video evidence in CD or DVD
8.Still Photographs included
9.Web Site Links to assignment requests
10.Streamlined video capability through web-site

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President's Message

JR Krikorian, President

Fraud and deception have climbed to epidemic proportions in our society. Trained professionals who can observe, document and videotape these types of activities are the first step in securing your best interest. As they say, information is knowledge and knowledge equals power. He who possesses the power is in control. We’d like to help put you in the driver seat.

Those who manipulate bodies of government, employers and authority in general, are the primary contributors to the never ending increase in costs to operate business, or function as a society without the expense that goes along with deterring these types of activities. In fact, we live in an information age where control is classified by degrees of knowledge. For example, if you knew a prospective employee deceived you in the application process, would you feel comfortable considering them for employment? Certainly, because of vicarious liability laws, you better make sure you’re hiring who you want, not necessarily who they say they are or what they say they have accomplished.

Insurance fraud these days for some is a way of living. Recent laws in the State of California have made it too convenient and desirable to defraud your employer. When you consider the expense involved litigating these claims, is it any wonder the small business man in California is packing his bags? Of course, this is just one example of fraud. Opportunities for fraud come in many formats. The bottom line is where does it end? My opinion……….when we all realize that a proactive approach is the best solution and when those who commit these crimes are held accountable. Prosecution is a nice step in the right direction. It seems we are on track. What we need now however is a far less liberal view when it comes to sentencing these criminals.

Let us provide you with a little piece of mind. It doesn’t take much to discredit a perpetrator of fraud. After all, the initial expense involved in some cases may save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that my friends, should be all the motivation you need.

Yours in confidence,

J.R. Krikorian
Krikorian & Associates, Inc.

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